Cape Verde

Cape Verde for me and Rose was not a good experience, overall lots of continual niggles (although at the time they seemed big. Nobody speaks English, it was difficult to get anyone to understand us especially in restaurants and they nearly always got the order wrong. 

The hotel was supposed to be 4 star but it certainly wasn't. Rooms in the hotel were small, especially the TV, you needed binoculars to see it and no English programmes, etc, etc. When Rose did not go fishing, a few times she went to the swimming pool at the hotel, it was used by school kids getting swimming lessons and the rest of the time the whole town was using it, there was never any privacy. The staff never cleaned it properly. There was partying every night outside the hotel, which was not very good if you wanted to sleep so you could go fishing early.

When I made enquiries for the best chance to catch a Grandier, I was told September. When I arrived, I quickly found out that the season really ends in September and it’s the start of the rainy season. Also, nobody met us when we arrived.

The crew at Centro de Pesca Desportivo do Mindelo didn't speak any English. On the first days fishing their engine room flooded with sea water, we had to limp back to port (Rose was worried as the sea became stormy).

Slightly better boat next day. Got on better with Simon from [email protected]  he spoke English (but there was no toilet on board for Rose) Simon had been around a bit and we got on well.

The 2009 season was very slow in Cape Verde in comparison to normal, not so many Marlin coming out. I ended up with the 2 Marlin, the biggest with Simon, a 500lb plus, I also had a Yellowfin Tuna of about 130lbs, which is my biggest to date on the first boat and a Wahoo of about 50lbs with Simon. Incidently, both Marlin came when I threw a glass of Zyggy wine to the sea and before I could finish the one to Zyggy.

It does show that the Zyggy magic formula works exceedingly well.

Overall, if you go with your wife and family, in my opinion Cape Verde lacks enough attractions. Although I thought our sightseeing trip to the outer islands was enjoyable.Cape Verde for me and Rose was not a good experience, overall lots of continual niggles (although at the time they seemed big):-