Kracking Carp Lake

A Lake full of Dream Fish...

A Lake full of Dream Fish...

‘The Record Breaker Lake of Anglers Paradise’!

This is where History was made and the ‘First’ Ever AP Forty came out, and now is the Lake which holds the County Record for the Biggest Carp which is 50lbs+!!

This Lake boasts of 15-20 Carp, Mirrors to over 50lbs and Commons to over 40lbs.

With Perch over 3lb this lake is not to be ignored in the Winter Months.

Make sure you go to the weekly Rig Clinic during the summer months to get advice and tips on how to catch these monsters of the deep!

This is a lake for the advanced ‘Carper’ as it’s the most challenging of the Anglers Paradise Lakes, but if you’re prone to spending a few nights in the bivvy and don’t mind the odd blank whilst waiting for the big reward then this lake’s well worth a Krack!

Minimum 10lb line, Size 8 Barbless Hooks
Minimum 42” Net
Unhooking Mat at all times
No standing up when holding a fish.
No Raw Meats or Liver to be used as bait.

Prices for this Lake are £20 per day, £10 per night which covers you for 2 rods, to do a night you have to do the day before so a night will be £30. This Lake is Half Price to Anglers Paradise Residents.

Strictly NO DOGS or pets allowed.

We have limited the number of swims on this lake to create top class and exclusive fishing.  Please ring 01409 221559 to pre-book and avoid disappointment.

The 1st Ever 40lb Carp came out of Kracking which made history in Anglers Paradise in 2012