What a WEEKEND!!! The conditions were very testing, wind, rain, hail, you name it, but every single Angler stuck it out to the final minute!

The Results will be posted throughout the week, I’m currently sorting through 100’s of photo’s that were taken of the Event including the captures, winners and fun in between!

We’d like to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU to the Sponsors of the Event and for their AMAZING Prizes



**Fox Rage**


**The Team Captains**

Nathan Edgell from Fladen, David Watkin-Smith from Quantum, Kevin Cox from Fox Rage and Davaid Drake from Drennan – You were all the perfect Captains and did you and your Team proud – thank you so much for all that you did.

Lastly Thank you to ALL THE ANGLERS that took part, it was great to welcome some new anglers to the Competition and even better to have 3 Female anglers fishing the Event which has never happened before!!

We are already planning 2018’s Lure Weekend which will be 9th to 11th November, so make sure you book it off work now!!

Watch this space for The Fishing Results of our November 2017 Lure Weekend…Who Won…What they caught…There’s lots to share with you all!!

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Released November 13, 2017