Matt Mott came down for his annual holiday with family and this year he was after a Personal Best Catfish! Well he did just that when he landed this beast of a 73lb Wels Catfish from the Main Carp Lake making him a very happy angler with a brand new PB!

We would like to take this opportunity to urge ALL anglers when catching Cats to refrain from holding the fish as they are big and long, it is better for them and you to lie beside the Cats on an unhooking mat or have the tail between your legs with it on the unhooking mat, plus it makes the fish look even bigger!

Matt’s Story –

Another start to a week in Paradise! I was pleased to see I was the keenest (or most stupid!) to arrive first on the Main Lake. I had seen some fish in the main body of the lake, so I set up in Nev's Point (RIP). It took me three casts to position my rig about one rod length out from the tree on the island's corner and was pleased to put 50 AP baits - The Twist - bang on top of it by catapult. Richard told me that fish swim, but this one didn't, at first, as at about midday my swinger lifted to the rod and then settled back down. About two minutes later it lifted again, and everything went bow-string tight. However, the line was not pulled out of the clip taken from the reel. Thinking I would get a pastie or tench on the end, I picked up the rod and wounded down.

Oh my God!! The rod was flattened as this submarine torpedoed towards the dam. If that wasn't worrying enough, my son - Harry- had suddenly appeared and started flailing the landing net around. Realising the net probably wasn't large enough, I asked Wayne to bring over 'the big one' - his 50 incher. By the time he got round the fish had already tried to get past Jed in Rats, but I pulled him back to my side of the island, at which point he headed to my right and the lilies!

Thankfully, the fish was now tired and I pulled him into my swim and the head straight to the spreader block. However, it took Dave, Ben and Wayne together to lift he rest of the fish's body in, on the fifth attempt! On the wheel of fortune (scales) the needle pointed at 73 lbs and an onlooker commented, "That's a zoo creature!" It is my P.B. caught on a rig I'd seen at Joe's Rig Clinic.

A Size 6 Kirby Shank Hook, tied with a 20 turn knotless knot, but with a bait mounted D Rig style. The hook link was a semi stiff coated. Raid stripped back about one cm from the hook The bait was a snowman with a one inch 'stick' containing tuna and chilli powder. I have recently caught on this rig: three 40 pounders, three 50s, one 60 and now the 73. I should probably tie up a fresh new rig now!”


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Released August 7, 2017