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Louie Nightingill, 13 from Worthing, West Sussex who caught an Amazing Personal Best 67lb 10oz Catfish from the Main Carp Lake on Halibut Pellets.

The fact that Louie is only 13 and managed to land this beast all by himself and not be pulled in is such an achievement, he even beat his Dad who caught a 52lb Cat during the same session, Louie NEVER expected to catch one bigger, but he did!! Not many 13 Year Olds have a PB Like this beside their name!!

Louie never dreamed that he’d catch a Fish this Big and his Scales only went to 50lbs, so may this be a Lesson to ALL Anglers, if you are targeting the Cats, make sure you have Scales that at least go to 80lbs!! This has happened a few times this year with Anglers not knowing how big their Cats weighed, so don’t let it happen to you!

Louie’s Story –

“This year’s target was to beat my catfish personal best of 27lb 12oz. After blanking the first week on the Main Carp Lake, I was determined to come back and succeed. I set up with dad in the pouring rain and wondering to ourselves, "what are we doing”?!

We spent time finding our spots and clipped up on 2 different types of spots. We used 1 rod each due to the swim being fairly tight and by 11pm Dad’s Rod was into a Big One, after a long hard fight a 52lb Cat was laying in the net. After some pictures we were completely made up. Dad re-cast his rod and then my brother suggested putting my rod to the same distance which produced Dad’s Cat.

So I wrapped up the rod, lined up with a far bank marker and got back in the sleeping bag absolutely freezing and soaked. Then I was awoken by an absolute one toner from my delkim, I ran out and hit my head on the peak of the bivvy which resulted in me stumbling towards the rod and ending up sitting down in a puddle!

After finally getting to the rod, I struck into it and I knew instantly it was a monster. After keeping steady pressure the clutch started to stop spinning and finally started to gain on it, even if it was the complete other side of the lakes margin. After 25 minutes it was within 20ft of the bank and the next obstacle was to get it through the weed which was in front.

It weeded me up, it was solid, but after keeping pressure and changing the angles it was free and head up by the net, Tyler slid the 50" net under the beast but it just wouldn't fit so he quickly grabbed the other net and scooped its other half of the body In the net. We quickly lifted the net up to see it.... It was Hugeeeee!!

After getting its hook out and removing other hooks in his mouth where it has beaten other anglers we got him in the weigh sling (just) and hoisted him up onto the Reuben Heatons which spun straight round and bottomed them out.

The next challenge to find someone with scales to over 60. My brother quickly ran to the Specimen Carp Lake and thankfully a helpful angler had some to 68lb. Luckily they went up to just enough as it settled at 67lb 10oz!

Everyone was buzzing. After getting several pictures and getting slapped round the face by the beasts tail many times, it was time to slip it back and out came a massive cheer..... Target smashed!!

I would like to say a massive thank you to Ryan Owen for lending me the scales, giving some great advice and verifying the weight.”




Here he is with his Personal Best 67lb 10oz Catfish and being presented his Prizes.




Released August 8, 2016