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Sharon Saggers, 49 from Kent proved last week that if she can overcome a phobia and start a new hobby in less than 1 week then so can you!! I meet and speak to many ladies that have just begun their Angling journey and quite a few have the same phobia as Sharon – and that phobia is ‘Holding the Fish with their hands’. The reason for all of them is purely the fear of them flapping resulting in them dropping the fish. One of our strict rules is to never stand up holding any fish in case this were to happen and of course to have a good unhooking mat or cradle.

Sharon’s Husband Tim who has been fishing for 45 years decided this was the year to get Sharon Fishing!! Basically in just 1 week, not only did Sharon start fishing but she also OVERCAME her Phobia and went from only being able to have a picture with the fish in the Net to her holding it with her bare hands!!!

Proud Hubby Tim shared Sharon’s Story -

“My wife and I came for a 2 week stay at Anglers Paradise. In the 2nd week Sharon decided that she wanted to start fishing, which I was very pleased to hear as I had already brought her a lovely pink rod and reel set. I started off trying to show her how to cast, with not much luck as we were fishing on the Beginners Lakes where the trees were quite close. After a while Sharon managed to cast out, and she was off. A couple of minutes later she stuck into her first fish, the fight was on. I held the net as she landed her first ever Carp . The excitement was brilliant to see in her face. "Yay I've caught a fish" she said. I couldn't of been happier. Again she cast out and caught another fish, this time it was a 9lb 2oz Common. We weighed it and I said ok time to have a photograph with it. "No" I'm not holding it. That was that. So I took a picture with Sharon holding it in the net.

By the end of the day she had caught 7 carp, a brilliant start to her fishing experience. The following day we went on to the Koi Lake for some fun. Sharon couldn't wait to catch again. This time when she caught a fish she would hold it in a wet towel, which she did. After a couple of fish her confidence was growing and the need to catch more fish was getting greater. She cast out, waited for a while then she struck again. This time it was a lovely 6lb 10oz Koi, unbelievable pretty fish. I said to Sharon you have to hold it! “Ok I'll try” she said. I had a cradle set up so if the fish flapped it wouldn't hurt it. I placed the fish into Sharon's hands and told her to hold it there. Snap. Lovely picture 1st ever fish held with bare hands and 2nd personal best fish caught. All this was achieved in just 5 days of fishing. Thanks to Anglers Paradise for the wonderful memories and experience. Can't wait until next year.”


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Released September 27, 2017