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Here he is, our mate Simon the 'only Koi' in the Specimen Tench and Orfe Lake who made an appearance to the lucky captor Kieran Thorne, 23 who caught Simon at 11lbs 8oz.

Kieran shared -

'After spending the majority of my week sitting behind alarms on main carp, easi access and speci carp lake, with rather good success i thought id change it up for the last day and headed down to the Speci Tench and Orfe lake. 

My plan was to have a go for the Tench on the feeder while feeding floaters to try and tempt some of the large grass carp to feed. A few hours in and i had caught 4 grass carp and a dozen tench. Then i saw the Koi that lives in this lake take a few floaters, now ive been after this fish for 6 years or so and never seen it take a floater. Safe to say i got rather excited. Anyway it drifted off for half an hour untill i spotted it sitting in the lilly pads in one corner. I walked down and fed some floaters watched him take a few before going and getting the rod and net. I flicked a free lined biscuit in front of him and he just came up and nailed it. I was over the moon to watch him roll over the net and tip the scales to 11lb 08oz. Best fish I caught all week!!'


Released July 4, 2019