Loyal Customers that keep coming back get rewards!

Loyalty pays off!

Loyalty pays off!

We are very fortunate to have so many loyal customers, it feels more like an extended family with familiar faces every week. We get up to 90% repeat business each week and many book as soon as they arrive for their next holiday!!!

To reward this Loyalty to ourselves we offer the following to ALL our customers...

If you have been coming to us for 5 Years on the trot (without missing a year and for 1 week at a time to count!) you will get a FREE WEEKEND out of season.

10 Years on the trot you will get a FREE WEEK out of season and then you start again and it rotates!

You will also receive a Loyalty T-Shirt, starting from 10 Years up to 20 years and so on, we are now going to have to get T-Shirts made for our customers that have been coming for more!!!

When you have reached the 10 years mark you will also be able to have your very own Silver Tankard or Silver Goblet with your name engraved on, please contact us giving us plenty of notice so we can order them in time, you will need to put a £20 deposit towards the Silver Goblet or Tankard, but they are worth every penny and we will be paying alot more!


 Make sure you remind us of when your 5 Year or more reward is ready to take so we can get it all organised for you!