Drama upon Drama

Drama upon Drama

Just returned from Capetown and Mozambique with Rose. The hotel Victoria and Albert in Capetown was lovely. Whilst there we took a cable car to Table Top Mountain, there were strong winds preventing our trip the previous day and when we finally made it to the top, we only spent 5 minutes there before alarms sounded and we were evacuated from the mountain due again to high winds. We also took a trip to the wine producing area, which was blighted by some girl (no not Rose) throwing up constantly in our mini bus before being sent home, otherwise the rest of the first week was enjoyable.

The second week was at Marlin Lodge on Benguera Island, which was nice and relaxing. Unfortunately my first choice boat and skipper was out of action so I couldn’t do any night fishing etc. the Marlin Lodge resident boat and crew were very willing but had little knowledge of Shark fishing except as an accidental/annoying bi-catch while fishing for Marlin, so I ended up training them in the finer art of ruby-dubby etc.
We did three days together and although we didn’t break any records we had reasonable results.

The first day we caught fifteen bait fish including Bonito, King Mackerel and Snook, the first big fish was a small Black Marlin which was quickly released followed by a 250lb Black Tip Shark and a snapped hooklink.
Second day, not so many baitfish but a nice Hammerhead Shark of about 400lbs.
Last day, no bait fish but a 50lb Wahoo and a Mata Hari (exactly the same as on the last day 3 years ago) the Wahoo and Mata Hari were excellently prepared by the talented chef David. All in all the second week was enjoyable.

However when we got to the airport in Vilanculos it all went pear shaped. Our plane was delayed, and when it finally arrived 4 hours later it had a puncture and could not take off until the following day, panic set in, what about our connecting flights to Amsterdam then Bristol and our pick up by designated chauffer Peter. We were bussed to a hotel, (not quite Marlin Lodge standard) very small, hot and humid rooms, as there was no air conditioning on. We were woken up at five in the morning, at the airport by six but the plane had already left for Johannesburg at 1 am. Back to the hotel again for a couple of hours, if only they had told us we could have had a proper lie in. When we returned at twelve, the plane arrived at one, it could not refuel because the battery on the refuelling unit was flat. We were very fortunate to get on the flight, which finally left at 2’o’clock. Most other passengers had a further 24hr wait. Our 24hr flight ended up being 48hrs.