Zyggy gets Chilly in Norway!

Zyggy gets Chilly in Norway!

Having returned from the Andorja, within the  Arctic Circle in Norway,  Zyg Gregorek has caught the Shark of his quest, a massive 1080lbs Greenland shark whilst on a six day fishing trip.

Zyg caught the fish using Mackerel and Ling bait and fought it for just under an hour to bring it to the surface of the ocean. Before the epic battle commenced his chair collapsed slightly injured him. The only thing which stopped him going overboard– was a protective harness.

As Zyg clung on to the shark, the boat’s skipper verified the giant catch by wrapping a rope around it to measure its weight and girth. The mighty fish’s dimensions were then used to calculate its weight – 1,080lbs – before the crew let it go.

In 2007 Zyg was declared the world’s greatest fisherman and his latest catch meant Zyg set several records:-

  • First person to catch the only known very deep water sharks over 1000lbs in Six Gill and Sleeper Shark
  • First person to catch 4 species of Shark over 1000lbs
  • Equals World Record of 4 different species of fish over 1000lbs
  • Set new World Record of 5 different species over 1000lbs

The feat is just one of dozens set by the Devon based Big Game Angler, who has spent decades chasing fish across the globe in a bid to smash every record.

By 2007 He had travelled 150,000 miles to some of the world’s most remote locations to become the first person to achieve the three “Big Game Offshore Royal Slams” set by the International Game Fish Association (IGFA).

The IGFA Big Game Royal Slams comprises nine species of shark, ten species of billfish and eight species of tuna), 27 species in all

The species quest of giant fish over 1000lbs began in 2000 when he caught a 1300lbs Great White in Struis Bay off South Africa.