Quality Bait that gets Results...

Quality Bait that gets Results...

At Anglers Paradise selling our own formulated bait is nothing new, we’ve just never taken it this far. 

The Anglers Paradise team decided enough was enough and that the fish deserve a better feed and our customers deserve quality bait.  

We have teamed up with Burton Bait Rollers Ltd to produce a safe, feed shelf life bait which is designed to break down easy to prevent rotting on the lake bed i.e. if your target fish for whatever reason does not eat it the smaller fish will/can.  Also by designing bait in this way it can be easily digested and pass through the fish more quickly.  All of the ingredients are natural and safe and therefore a quality feed for the fish. The fish know that this bait contains essential food sources and quality nutrition and therefore want to feed on it!

A lot of research has been done on this bait...

» Burton Bait Rollers Ltd were chosen to be the bait rollers as they pride themselves in only making quality, premium, safe feed bait.  They have professionals working with them who study fish nutrition.

» The bait has been designed by the team at Anglers Paradise who know the fish and know what they like to feed on.

» The ingredients had to be studied in great detail to ensure the feed was safe for the lake and the fish but also tough enough to withstand the pecking of smaller fish during a 24 hour session.

» The Whole Bait Range is constantly being tested by staff and bait testers to ensure its the best.

The bait that is available to you now is extremely complex and therefore is a premium bait, but it works! The staff at Anglers Paradise are very confident with what they have designed and want to see you feeding it into lakes and catching the fish that make your stay with us so memorable.

The Paradise Range

The Paradise Range


  • The Original Raspberry Pop-ups
  • The Original Raspberry Dip
  • Beez Kneez Boilies
  • Beez Kneez Dip
  • Cat’astrophic (Devastatingly Fishy) 30mm Dumbells
  • Cat’astrophic (Devastatingly Fishy) 24mm Pop-ups
  • Cat’astrophic (Devastatingly Fishy) Dip
  • The Pink Stink Boilies
  • The Pink Stink Pop-ups
  • The Pink Stink Dip
  • **NEW - Paradise Pellets - The Fish get fed these pellets all year round so they definitely love them!
  • **NEW - The Twist Boilies
  • **NEW - The Twist Pop-ups
  • **NEW - The Twist Wafters
  • **NEW - The Twist Dip and Gu

Paradise Baits are EXCLUSIVE to our Tackleshop

Paradise Baits are continuing to catch all the Fish and we can't stock the shelves quick enough, they really are the 'Beez and Kneez' of bait! We are pleased to say that we are the only place that you can buy them, so make sure you stock up after you've finished catching all the fish with them!!

SO...You can pre-order it ready for your stay or get it delivered to your very own home! Just give us a ring between 9am-5pm Monday-Friday on 01409 221559 and get your order in!


The Pink Stink Range is finally here!
The Boilie Range - get your order in now!