Rig Clinic

Want to know how to catch your PB or dream Fish at Anglers Paradise?

Want to know how to catch your PB or dream Fish at Anglers Paradise?

Unfortunately  the Rig Clinic  has been temporarily posponed. But hopefully to return as soon as possible.

The Rig Clinic has been completely designed with YOU in mind.

One week or even Two weeks stay at Anglers Paradise just isn't enough time for anyone to cover a whole complex with 30 different Lakes. Whether you are a beginner or professional you'll struggle to know what will work on these Lakes especially when targeting the Bigger Fish and we WANT TO SEE YOU CATCH!!

That is why we now have a weekly Rig Clinic, and it's completely FREE!

All you have to do is turn up!

From April to October we will be having a Rig Clinic EVERY TUESDAY AT 1PM in the Bar.

You'll get advice, inside tips on Lakes, Fish, Bait and of course Rigs that work here.

Each week we see many of our regulars and new customers take on board the advice and then go onto catching their Dream Fish that they have been after for years but just needed to change their technique.

We started the Rig Clinics last year and they have gone from strength to strength.

Remember it's completely FREE, we've designed it with you in mind AND the bar will be open too so if you fancy a nice cold beer or Coke at the same time then you can!

We want to see you all catch those big and wonderful fish so the Rig Clinic and advice hour is there to help you achieve this...

We look forward to greeting you all soon and please don't hesitate to ask any questions prior to your stay.

Don't Miss it! You'll never know it all when it comes to angling...


The Anglers Paradise Rig Clinics are the only time in the week you can get the inside Tips and Gain Inside knowledge to catch your Dream Fish!! #FREEADVICE #TIPS #WEWANTYOUTOCATCHFISH #BETHERE