Swansea Shark

Second Royal Slam

Second Royal Slam

I have just become the only angler in history to achieve two Royal Offshore Shark Slams.

Having completed all three Offshore Slams namely Shark, Billfish and Tuna once, I recently turned my attention to completing them for a second time. Getting my second Royal Offshore Billfish Slam in October 2010, I then set about a second Shark Slam.

Only requiring a Porbeagle Shark which are historically frequent visitors to Devon and Cornwall waters but have recently become scarcer, I had two unproductive attempts from Bude and Clovelly before partnering with Rob Rennie skipper of “Lady Jue 111” out of Swansea. Rob had reported catching both Blue and Porbeagle Shark only days before my last minute charter.

Leaving Devon at midnight, arriving in Swansea at 4am, the boat reached the mark some 60 miles from Swansea around 8.30am. In rough seas, seven Blue Shark were captured to 130lbs plus before the long awaited Porbeagle Shark appeared, estimated at well over 200lbs the Shark was released without harm. The session finished with 12 Blue Sharks averaging over 100lbs together with the Porbeagle. A fantastic session, I was both elated and exhausted.

Achievement of a single Offshore Royal Slam was the pinnacle of my big game angling; I never dreamt that I would achieve all three. Completion of all three slams, twice, must be the impossible. With two Tuna species required to achieve this feat, it won’t be long before hopefully I achieve the impossible!