Terms & Conditions

Please find below, our Terms & Conditions of Booking

1. Last week in October and first week in November, certain lakes might be closed for annual maintenance.

2. All offers of accommodation are subject to availability, and no accommodation can be reserved until the appropriate deposit has been paid. The deposit of a minimum of 25% (not refundable) to be paid within 4 days of a telephone booking.

3. The balance of hire charge must be received at least 8 weeks before commencement of the holiday. Non-receipt could mean cancellation without notice.

4. If you have to cancel your holiday, we reserve the right, unless we can re-let the accommodation, to obtain rental in full (you are subject by law to pay the full rental if the vacancy cannot be re-let). It would be worthwhile for you to take out insurance. We will gladly help you if you enquire further.

5. In the event of cancellation of any booking by the proprietors, their liability will be limited to a refund of any monies paid.

6. The property, furniture and equipment must be left in the same condition as found on arrival and any damage must be paid for fully, If in excess of the returnable deposit taken.

7. A returnable deposit of a minimum of £50 for all units is required. All male parties of 4 or over will be more. This will be posted to you after your departure providing everything has been left as you found it. An appropriate sum will be deducted for any unnecessary mess left behind.

8. Please list names and addresses of all people booking if not one family

9. Provided we are informed at least 2 months before arrival, date of bookings can be changed. This will involve an administration fee of a minimum of £50-£100 or more.

10. No driving to lakes

11. All 1 or 2 bedroom villas have 1 car parking space, 3 or more bedrooms have 2 spaces. Extra vehicles should be parked in Easy Access car park, but not occupying a disabled parking bay. Or any bay belonging to other villas.

12. No more persons can be accommodated than the number agreed in the booking.

13. Plastic sheets must be used on beds of small children - available free of charge from reception.

14. Cars must be parked in car parking spaces only - not on the grass.

15. Use dustbins and litterbins for all refuse, including disposable nappies - do not flush them or paper towels down the toilet - this can block them.

16. No musical instruments audible between 11pm and 8am. Please keep noise levels to a minimum at all times.

17. Please ensure the continued goodwill of the local farmers by not trespassing and obeying the country code. Please close all gates on the estate.

18. The proprietors reserve the right to decline accommodation and to demand the immediate withdrawal of any persons not complying with our rules.

19. Any fishing extras must be paid for in advance - otherwise a fine will be imposed. You must comply with the Fishing Rules and Regulations found elsewhere on the site.

20. Please put all rubbish in dustbins.

21. Do not allow any Cats or Dogs into the units especially ours please.

22. Since we pride ourselves on the cleanliness of all units, we would be most grateful if muddy footwear is not worn inside. That goes for the Bar, Swimming Pool and the Games Room too, please.

23. No taking any bedding, cups, etc outside the units.

24. Please do not cover any of the radiators with clothes, towels, etc. It fuses the electricity and you will be without heating and lighting for some time.

25. Please do not dispose of any sanitary wear or disposable nappies down the toilets. Bags are provided. You will be responsible for unblocking.