The Silver Rose

Paradise in a Lake...

Paradise in a Lake...

The Silver Rose Lake is a New Lake which is a Silver Fish Lake. The name was chosen in a competition which was hosted by Anglers Mail and the winning name had to be 'Silver Rose', the winner who chose the name won a whole week's holiday with ourselves!

This Lake is home to Gudgeon, Barbel, Perch, Chub, Roach, Rudd, Blue Orfe, Golden Orfe, Golden Tench and Bream.

A Lake for all ages, you'll be non stop catching on a Lake like this (as long as you have bait on your hook!), so if you're looking for a great lake to catch a variety of species then this will be right up your street!

Minimum 4lb Line
Size 14 Barbless hook
Unhooking Mat a must
Net at all times

Directions - This Lake is the first Lake you come to when you arrive at Anglers Shangri-La and the Car Park is right in front of the Lake so its easy access. To drive to Shangri-La you need to take the road Dreybury Lane by the side of the Junction Inn Pub, follow that road for about a mile until it opens out onto a straight and Shangri-La will be found on your left hand side.

Prices are £10 Per Day For One or Two Rods, Non Angling Guest is £10 Per Day.

You can purchase tickets at Anglers Paradise Tackleshop. You can also pay for your tickets over the phone -  01409 221559.

Please note - there will be an excess charge of £5 if found fishing without a ticket

**This Lake is Half Price to Anglers Paradise Residents