Zante, Greece

I went in search of the Medterranean Spearfish, July 2015. Having already caught the Long and Shortbilled Spearfish, this one I needed in order to claim another first. the only person to catch 3 species of Spearfish but it has eluded me for a little while.

Well it was not to be, but I did catch a nice 50kg Northern Bluefin Tuna, several Albacore to over 10kg.

We also initiated skipper Yiannis into the 5'C'S Syndicate with the traditional ice and weed ceremony.

We have honorary members all over the globe including Norway, Nova Scotia and Boston.

Northern Tuna 50kg
Yiannis the Skipper
Back to Zante October 2015

Back to Zante October 2015

Very proud to say I achieved my objective by catching a 30lb plus Mediterranean Spearfish. I have now caught three different species of Spearfish from three different oceans, Pacific, Atlantic and Mediterranean, it’s taken a lot of research and many trips before I succeeded. Very pleased and proud to be the first person to have achieved this.

It was the second time I fished with skipper Yiannis Geladas and his deckie Mannis, on his boat Marlin Zante through his company Big Game fishing Zante.