Zyggy's Wine Cellar

This is where you can have a 'Sneaky' peak into Zyggy's Famous Wine store...

Zyggy makes upto 1000 Gallons of Wine a year!!

He drinks some of it too...but only to taste it for all our customers!!!

This is the place that Magic Glasses are made...

Here is a interview that famous underwater photographer Jack Perks did with Zyggy in his Wine Cellar aka 'Zyggy's Office'!

Zyggy says that 'De-Stalking'  Berries is theraputic and good for the skin...

Wine doesn't grow on trees...

Theres a long process involved when Zyggy makes his wine and it starts off with everyone helping 'De-Stalk' the Berries!

If you are on holiday when the Berries are in season then you could get involved and help us! As a reward you will get a bottle of Zyggy's Famous Homemade Wine to take home with you!!


Magic Glasses are enjoyed all over the world of Zyggy's friends

Filming in the Wine Store...

Most of the Angling Stars have set foot in Zyggy's Wine store and it has always been a great way to end the day (especially if you have blanked!!)

Zyggy takes his Wine all over the world with him and has a special secret to share with you on how he catches all of his Record Breaking Fish...This is Zyggy's Special song that he sings to the Fishes on his adventures of the Deep...

"Oh come to me you Monsters of the Deeeeeep
Awaken from your sleep

Let me kiss and caress and gently release you

Come and taste my wine

It is divine"

It may sound crazy, but it's worked for Zyggy and he is proud to say he holds many World records because of this. Many people think hes mad...maybe he is but who else can boast of some of the Records he has achieved on his Big Game Adventures...



Zyggy loves picking grapes!

Zyggy loves picking!

We find most of the fruit that goes into the wine on our own doorstep. This picture shows Zyggy picking grapes from our Alfresco Dining area that we hold all our food nights over the Summer.

From Apples, Elderberries, Blackberries, Sloes to Pears, it all goes into those Magic Glasses of wine giving you that wild taste!