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Annual Netting Party

The most talked about event at Anglers Paradise of the year and ALL money raised goes to Charity!
To date we have raised over £20,000 for local charities!

One of the most popular weeks at Anglers Paradise, originally the week started off as a netting party carried out by the syndicate members, these days we take the opportunity to raise money for a variety of local charities. Since then it has become something of an annual pilgrimage where all participants are part of an extended family.

This Video will give you an insight to what it’s all about…

TV companies regularly films us and many videos are made of this event. Most times, angling celebrities participate and mingle with the rest of our guests in the African Safari Bar.

Welcome meeting with magic glasses
Treasure Hunt for adults and children
Curry night for the netting workers
Quiz night in the bar
Bonfire night fireworks with burgers, hotdogs and drinks
Bingo night
Fishing Match
Archery Competitions
Disco Nights

Every day and night there is something new for you to join in!

This event is so popular that most people book for the following year before they leave, accommodation is provided by Zyg and Rose at a subsidised rate.

Fun for all ages – Mud Baths included in the price!

It's so much fun!

As Zyg says…

“You are a slave for a couple of days getting muddy and squelchy and moving monster fish and the rest of the time is an orgy of pleasure, a debauchery of fun and enjoying yourself!”

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