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Presentation Night

Anglers Paradise holds a Fish of the week competition every week from April to October.

Friday night is Presentation Night in the Bar!

Every Friday from April through to September, we hold a Presentation Night for all those who have qualified to win!

How you can win a bottle of Zyggy's Wine??

If you catch one of the following then you qualify to win a bottle of wine which will be presented to you on Friday night. Make sure you are there or you will miss out!!

5lb Tench

5lb Orfe

8lb Koi

20lb+ Carp

30lb+ Cat

If you have caught one or more of these fish or even bigger, then you MUST give us your pictures and write up of your catch in at reception and log your catch into our Log book. It is limited to 3 bottles per person as anglers are just catching too many and Zyggy can’t make the wine fast enough!!!

*For those of you that are under 18, then we will present you with a soft drink alternative

One for the kids ...

Don’t Forget to let us know if you have caught something you are proud of! No matter what size or what fish, if you are proud of it … then we are too!! Come and tell us at the reception and you never know… you could be included in the Presentation Night!!

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