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Our Fishing Rules

Please Respect and Abide the following Rules for the well being of fish and fellow anglers. Non compliance could mean being banned from fishing.

The following are banned:

  • Fixed Leads
  • Bent Long Curved Shank or In pointing hooks
  • Live baits and Dead baits
  • Bait Boats, Drones and Deepers
  • Beachcaster Method 360 rig
  • Spring loaded mechanisms designed to aid hooking
  • Devices with protruding pieces with potential to get caught up in nets
  • Lead Core
  • Double Strength Line
  • All particle baits (large nuts & pulses) except Sweetcorn and Hemp
  • Shock-snag leader and any other Non coated Catfish rigs (Kevlar etc)
  • Barbed Hooks
  • Tiger nuts
  • BBQ’s
  • Tents (BIVVIES ONLY)

1. Maximum 2 rods. Minimum Size 8 hooks on Carp Lakes, Minimum size 14 on others.

2. NO SACKING OF FISH OVER NIGHT, NO KEEP NETS. Unhooking Mats are MANDATORY on All Lakes and must be suitable in size for the resident fish.

3. Large knotless nylon Landing Nets for all Lakes and a minimum of 30”. Must be (42”+) wide for Easy Access, Octopussy, Main Carp Lake, Specimen Lakes and all Carp and Cat Lakes. There is no pole fishing on these lakes and the rods must be strong enough for big carp. No quiver tips etc.

4. Minimum 10lb line throughout on Carp Lakes and 4lb on others.

5. Fishing is from 8am to dusk or 9pm whichever is earlier.

6. Book Lake specials and nights etc. Before 5pm.

7. No Residents allowed to night fish on the last night prior to their departure and no fishing on Saturdays on day of departure.

8. No Fishing before the appropriate fee has been paid. Anyone found fishing before appropriate fee has been paid will be charged double.

9. No walking around the Specimen Lakes unless you have booked and paid the appropriate fee.

10. Forceps and disgorgers must be used.

11. Specialist Braided hook-links only. No braided main line.

12. The rods are not transferable. Do not leave rods unattended – a few rods have been pulled in.

13. Anyone found LITTERING will be banned from fishing. please take it back, only leave your footprints.

14. No Swims to be left unattended for more than 2 hours (i.e. lunch etc.)

15. No tackle or shelters to be left overnight unless the night has been pre booked and paid for, first come first served basis. Bivvies only, NO TENTS ALLOWED.

16. No Driving to lakes.

17. At Spawning times or when oxygen levels are low, certain lakes may be temporarily closed.

18. No Fly Fishing except on the Trout Lake

19. No Standing Up with Fish – Always Kneel down when handling Fish

20. Please use toilet facilities in your villa or Bar toilets.

21. All children under the Age of 16 MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY AN ADULT at all times whilst fishing.

22. If you are NIGHT fishing You MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY AN ADULT AT ALL TIMES if you are Under the Age of 18.

23. DO NOT TAKE ANYTHING FROM THE VILLA TO THE LAKE – If found doing so, your Refundable Deposit will be forfeit.

A limited amount of night fishing can be negotiated, enquire on arrival.
Maximum number of fishing nights allowed:

Main Lake – 2 nights Specimen Carp Lake – Day-Night-Day

Octopussy – 2 nights Easy Access – 2 nights

Saturdays on the Main Carp Lake are reserved for Syndicate Members only, all year round.



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