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Massage and Tai Chi

Time for you to relax and enjoy…!

Pippa Cherington has joined the team at Anglers Paradise and is here to ease those aches and pains and add to the relaxation of your holiday.


What can massage do for me?

A good massage can relieve aches, niggles and muscular tension before these patterns set in our bodies, change our posture and become pain and is therefore a good preventative treatment. In other instances specialist massage techniques can help a body repair after injury.

What would you like to get from your treatment?

Here is a brief explanation of the different types of massage to help you decide which treatment you’d like whether you are seeking relaxation, help with injury/ illness or to improve sports/exercise abilities.

When you book a session you will get a massage based on your needs at that time so each treatment will be different and individually tailored to help prompt your body to a place of ease or health.


**Pippa is offering a 10% discount to anyone that books two adjacent appointments – so take advantage and treat yourselves!**

The Paradise Treatments

Swedish Massage- The Classic European massage which uses different techniques to boost circulation, clearing toxins and bring nutrients to the tissues. The emphasis can be on either relaxation or energising depending on your needs. Also helps to tone muscles and bring about deep relaxation.
60 mins: £30

Holistic Massage

Swedish Massage techniques combined with postural assessment, breathing, passive movements and guided exercises to restore body-mind health. Holistic massage can be with oil on skin or through clothing, whichever you prefer.
60 mins: £30

Hot Stone Therapy

Hot Stone Therapy – a wonderful pampering treatment using hot stones to access deeper tissues, relax tight painful muscles, improve circulation and detoxify. This encourages deep relaxation of both body and mind rejuvenating allowing mind and emotions to come into balance.
60 mins: £30

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Lymphatic Drainage Massage – benefits those coping with general fluid retention, lowered immunity, swelling through injury, sinusitis, migraine, cellulite, arthritis, acne rosacae and chronic fatigue. Since the massage movements use light, repetitive pressures it is also a soothing stress reduction treatment.
60 mins: £30

Remedial Massage

Remedial Massage -to speed up healing and reduce discomfort due to either acute or long term injury/illness. Treatment starts with assessment of injury and includes aftercare and rehabilitation guidance. Some long term injuries require more than one appointment.
60 mins: £30
90 mins: £45

Sports Maintenance Massage

Sports Maintenance Massage – concentrates on particular muscle groups depending on your sport to help you maintain or improve range of motion and muscle flexibility. Sports maintenance massage could also be done as a supplement to your warm up before activity to boost your circulation or as a treatment to prevent post exercise stiffness and aches after your activity and speed up recovery.
60 mins: £30

Fascial Release for Structural Balance

Fascial Release for Structural Balance – This holistic treatment looks at your natural posture and movement patterns, noticing areas of restriction or overuse. Change is brought about through fascial release techniques and re-education of the tissues.Clients are physically involved in their treatment which may be seated , standing or using the couch. This holistic approach is most effective when considered as a short series of treatments. .
90 mins: £45

Tai Chi

What is Tai Chi?

Tai Chi, or Tai Chi Ch’aun to give it it’s full name, is movement based on the Chinese philosophy of yin and yang. It is both a meditative practice and a form of self defense.

“This exercise will lead many practitioners to health, happiness, and longevity. The defence is secondary”
Grandmaster Chang San-feng

Why try it?

Although Tai Chi has its origins in ancient China, it is relevant for people today. It’s slow pace and graceful movement counteracts our busy scheduled lives.

No matter what your age, male or female, you can practice Tai chi and feel its benefits. These usually include a more relaxed body and mind, helping the digestion, blood circulation, freeing joints and improving balance and maintaining health.

Never rains in Devon…

If the weather is unpleasant we will practice indoors though Tai Chi enthusiasts will try to be outside in all weathers to gain the benefit of natural energy.

There are many schools of Tai Chi and I follow Yang style as practised by Cheng Man Ching. In my teaching I tend to focus on gaining the health aspects with beginners such as posture, and as people gain experience I lead them into the more martial aspects of Tai Chi.

My teaching includes regular classes for people with differing needs so I offer Tai Chi to the able bodied, disabled, those with learning difficulties and long term health conditions. I have been playing with Tai Chi for 17 years, teaching for 11 years, and am a fully insured, register instructor with The Tai Chi Union of Great Britain.

Tai Chi at Anglers Paradise.

We are just introducing Tai Chi here so if you would like to give it a try, please ring Pippa on 07889 532982 and we’ll try to gather a group together and have some fun. The price will be £30 per hour divided amongst the participants.

About Pippa ...
Pippa Cherrington

In my practice I’ve been fortunate to work with a wide variety of clients, both adults and children. Some of whom have come to me because they have a problem or are in pain, stressed or anxious, others just wanted relaxation and pampering.

My experience includes amateur sportsmen & women who are trying to drive their achievements forward including runners, riders, cricketers, cyclists,walkers, fishermen, golfers, tennis and badminton players. I also regularly treat disabled clients (familiar with wheelchairs, stone/urine collection), those with long term health conditions like Multiple Sclerosis and people with learning difficulties (Autism & Aspergers).

Maybe you would like to book your partner in for a special treat and tell them on arrival to surprise them? Just ring Pippa and she will book you in advance, please remember Massage is for the men just as much as it is for the women so don’t miss out and book both of yourselves in for a treat!

How to book an appointment

To book an appointment please call Pippa prior to your holiday on 07889 532982 – PRE-BOOKING ESSENTIAL to avoid disappointment.

Pippa will try to keep Tuesday Evenings reserved for our residents if you haven’t been able to book an appointment prior.

The very nature of my business means I may not be able to take your call immediately so please leave me a message including your name and telephone number and I’ll ring you back within 6 hours.

At your first appointment we will complete a consultation form to make sure massage is safe for you to receive. This will be more detailed if you are choosing sports, remedial or structural balance through facial release.

Enjoy, Relax and Unwind, thats the way a holiday should be…

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