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Specimen Tench and Orfe Lake
A special Lake to many... even to the angling stars!

A Lake ideal for those wanting to achieve some new ‘Personal Bests’.

This lake has over 30 of each Golden Tench and Golden Orfe from 3lbs to 6lbs. There is also Blue Orfe up to 7lbs, Blue Tench over 5lbs, Grass Carp to 25lbs and even Koi Tench and Koi Orfe, where else do you hear about fish like that?!

Ideal for those after a colourful Specimen Tench or Orfe of many varieties!

*This lake must be booked prior to fishing as it is not included on the budget ticket

  • Minimum 10lb line, Size 8 Barbless Hook
  • 36” Landing Net
  • No Pole fishing
  • Unhooking Mat at all times
  • No standing up when holding a fish
  • Disabled Anglers have Priority over the Pagoda
  • Children under 16 years of age to be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Great on the Quiver Tip and Waggler!

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