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Specimen Tench and Orfe Lake
A special Lake to many... even to the angling stars!

A Lake ideal for those wanting to achieve some new ‘Personal Bests’.

This lake has plenty of Golden Tench and Golden Orfe upto 5lbs+, also Grass Carp to 25lbs.

You might even be lucky enough to catch a rare Blue Tench, Two Tone Tench, Koi Tench or Koi Orfe, where else do you hear about fish like that?!

Ideal for those after a colourful Specimen fish of many varieties!

*This lake must be booked prior to fishing as it is not included on the budget ticket

  • Minimum 10lb line, Size 8 Barbless Hook
  • 36” Landing Net
  • No Pole fishing
  • Unhooking Mat at all times
  • No standing up when holding a fish
  • Disabled Anglers have Priority over the Pagoda
  • Children under 16 years of age to be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Great on the Quiver Tip and Waggler!

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